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The Information Technology Services (ITS) Alerts System is a rapid-delivery method used to distribute timely information on major ITS services, unexpected outages, and maintenance schedules to the Penn State community.
Updated: 3 min 16 sec ago

CIDR Services Down

31 min 22 sec ago
CIDR Matching and Add Person services are currently unavailable. Staff are investigating.

WebMail Service Outage

1 hour 17 min ago
Beginning at 4:28pm, WebMail is currently down. ITS is investigating the issue.

Shibboleth Service Maintenance

2 hours 41 min ago
On Wednesday, March 4, 2015, during the regularly scheduled maintenance window (5:00 a.m. - 7:00 a.m.), Information Technology Services (ITS) will perform maintenance on the Shibboleth production servers.

Services using Shibboleth will not be available during the scheduled maintenance. The actual outage will be focused around 6:30 a.m. for an estimated 10 minutes. It is anticipated that this update won't impact normal production hours.

Resolved: PASS Gateway Degradation

3 hours 21 min ago
Staff is investigating a possible service degradation for the PASS Gateway that occurred Thursday, February 26 from 11 a.m. - Noon.

Resolved: PASS File Service Degradation

3 hours 39 min ago
Certain PASS services experienced intermittent degradations from 3:30-7:45 p.m., Friday, February 27. The issue affected at least the following services, but is not limited to: (, (

When degraded, services may have taken longer than usual to respond or appeared to be unresponsive.

Staff has determined that a misconfigured server interfered with proper operation of the PASS File Service and continue to monitor the services.

Service interruption, ScholarSphere, 03/02/2015

4 hours 14 min ago
ScholarSphere will be unavailable during the 5 - 7 a.m. (EDT) maintenance window on 03/02/2015 in order to apply updates.

SIP Trunk Maintenance Work

4 hours 35 min ago
Wednesday morning, March 4th 2015 between 5:00AM and 7:00AM ITS/TNS will perform code updates on several session border controllers
that provide SIP Trunk service to the following list of customers. During this time, users could experience a momentary delay with voice services.

Lion Line
Mitel/ I2
Services and Solutions(SAS)-Call Center ITS Service Desk

Resolved: WebMail Service Degradation

8 hours 4 min ago
This issue was caused by an Operating System (OS) patch applied this morning. To remediate, the OS was reverted back to the previous state and WebMail returned to normal functionality at 9:16am. No email messages were lost and any queued messages were processed.

Resolved: ScholarSphere Interruption

9 hours 33 min ago
ScholarSphere service is currently interrupted due to machine issues.

Resolved: Network and Voice service disruption - Penn State Greater Allegheny

Fri, 02/27/2015 - 23:42
Networking and Voice services were restored as of Tuesday, 2-24-15 at 1:00 PM.

Pollock Computer Lab Closed

Fri, 02/27/2015 - 19:55
Pollock computer lab will be closed until further notice for repairs. The lab is closed to ensure safety of users.

More information is here:

A listing of computer labs is at

eSteward Database Maintenance - March 9

Fri, 02/27/2015 - 15:04
On Monday, March 09, 2015, during the regularly scheduled maintenance window (5:00 a.m. - 7:00 a.m.), Information Technology Services (ITS) will update the database infrastructure of eSteward. During the maintenance window, eSteward will be unavailable. It is anticipated that all work will be completed prior to 7:00 a.m.

Samba PASS Gateway ( Update - March 2 & 3

Fri, 02/27/2015 - 14:43
On Monday, March 2, 2015, and Tuesday, March 3, 2015, during the regularly scheduled maintenance window (5:00-7:00 a.m.), Information Technology Services (ITS) will perform a minor update to the servers that provide the SMB Gateway to PASS. This service is used to map PASS space using any of the following service names:

Although we don't expect users to notice a difference from the update it is a prerequisite change required by additional planned updates.

Vendor Fixes for Integrated Student Information Systems (ISIS) & Integrated Business Information System (IBIS) - February 27

Thu, 02/26/2015 - 17:04
On Friday, February 27, 2015, during the regularly scheduled maintenance window (5:00-7:00 a.m.), Information Technology Services (ITS) will apply vendor recommended fixes to Integrated Student Information Systems (ISIS) & Integrated Business Information System (IBIS). During this maintenance period, there will be a brief outage of ACOM, BCOM, & CCOM. This will not impact any other systems.

Resolved: Access Account Password Change Service Degradation

Thu, 02/26/2015 - 13:07
Processing of Access Account password changes was delayed between 11 and 11:45 a.m. today, February 26. Staff is investigating the root cause of the issue.

Resolved: VoIP Server Maintenance Work

Thu, 02/26/2015 - 08:14
Thursday morning, Feb. 26th between 4:00AM and 6:30AM ITS/TNS will perform a system reset of the VoIP Servers.
During this time, users could experience a momentary delay with voice services.

iTwo Server Upgrade

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 17:52
On Thursday, February 26, during the maintenance window (5-7 AM), iTwo production servers will be upgraded.

Work is expected to affect only the iTwo service. Further issues should be reported to

PSU Yammer Maintenance scheduled for March 9

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 16:08
On the morning of Monday, March 9, 2015, Penn State and Microsoft will be performing some maintenance on Penn State's instance of Yammer. We expect the work to take no more than 30 to 60 minutes. However during this time users may be unable to log in or use Yammer if already logged in.

Because of the number of people and courses that use Yammer, this maintenance will be performed over Spring Break during Penn State's regular IT service window of 5 AM to 7 AM EDT. We chose this day and these hours to minimize any inconvenience for our users.

We do not expect any issues to occur, but if there are difficulties, there is no need to contact the Service Desk with any Yammer connection issues during that window of time.

However should you have issues with Yammer after 7:00 AM EDT on Monday 9 March, please contact the IT Service Desk so that we are aware of your incident and can assist you in the best way possible.

ScholarSphere service interruption, 2/26/2015

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 14:18
ScholarSphere will be unavailable during the 5-7 a.m. (EST) maintenance window on 2/26/2015 in order to apply updates.

IBIS/ISIS Disaster Recovery Exercise - March 11-20, 2015

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 13:39
Information Technology Services (ITS) will be performing a Disaster Recovery Exercise involving Integrated Business Information System (IBIS) and Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) beginning at 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 11 where IBIS and ISIS will be placed onto a single enterprise server for 9 days (March 11-20). On Friday, March 20, during the regularly scheduled maintenance window (5-7 a.m.) ITS will switch the systems back to two enterprise servers.

There is a possibility that services dependent upon IBIS and ISIS may be degraded while ITS switches from two enterprise servers to a single enterprise server (March 11) and then back to two enterprise servers (March 20). IBIS and ISIS will be carefully monitored for any noticeable degradation of services. If any online performance-related problems are noticed, ITS is prepared to stop the exercise and return the systems to their normal operating modes.