Unit Services

If you:

  • Need assistance in reviewing your existing ITS services?
  • Are curious about exploring ways to provide for future growth?
  • Have a question concerning your telecommunications statement?
  • Need call handling services?

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Unit Services, a unit of Consulting and Support Services, Information Technology Services, provides customer assistance and call center services to students, faculty, and staff. Questions concerning billing, ITS services, and budget changes are handled by Customer Support, while directory assistance and call handling services are provided by the Call Center.

ITS Consultants

The ITS Consultants (formerly CAs) are available to assist Penn State's colleges, departments and campuses in reviewing their use of ITS services. Each Consultant is responsible for specific Penn State areas. The ITS Consultant group is organized into individual teams led by a Lead Consultant (see table below). This allows team members to have a better understanding of each others assigned areas and simplifies backup responsibilities because team members serve as backup to each other.

Customer Support

Customer Support provides assistance to the University community, answering questions concerning a wide range of services provided by Information Technology Services. The group provides information on work order processing, billing issues, and other general information. Customer Support works in conjunction with the ITS Consultants to provide beginning to end customer service through the technology consulting and acquisition process to final billing for the service.

Call Center

The Call Center provides directory assistance and call handling services to the students, faculty, and staff of Penn State University. Audio Conferencing, Message Service, and Operator Assistance are just a few services provided by the Call Center. The Call Center will also customize a service via the "CHAMPS" program to meet your office support needs.