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Audio Conferencing Services

Audio Conferencing services are available for calls requiring more than 3 participants.

Scheduling an Audio Conference Call:

Services can be scheduled through the Penn State Call Center by phone 814-863-3410 or e-mail or using the online request forms.


Reservation-less Audio Conferencing:

Reservation-less Audio conferencing Service gives you a permanent toll-free dial-in conferencing number, and a secure Host password that enables you to conduct meetings at your convenience.  There are no reservations required, the conference number can be used 24x7x365.  There are no costs to establish a toll-free conferencing number, only pay for the times it is used.  It takes approximately 24 hours to setup the account.

Meet-Me Audio Conferencing Calls:

    A Meet-Me Conference Call is a University Park telephone number that allows more than 3 conferees to call in at a time.

Reservations can be made using the Meet-Me Conference Call Reservation Form.

At the reserved time, all participants call a specific "Meet Me" Conference phone number. The conference begins when the first two callers call the bridge number. The first caller will hear continuous ringing until the second caller is connected. A tone is heard each time a caller dials in to the conference.

A conference number will be assigned to the originator. It is the responsibility of the originator to inform all potential conferees of the conference number, date, and time of the call.

Eight Conference Telephone Numbers are available to accommodate up to 6, 10, 14 or 30 participants.

    The conference lines can be locked for security purposes by using the Hold or Transfer buttons from any participants phone.  Note: The use of the lock feature is not recommended when cell phones are being used. The only way to deactivate the lock is to have all conferees hang-up and reconnect to the bridge number.

    Note:  Meet-Me bridge sessions are only scheduled for the current semester and upcoming semester.

    Meet-Me bridge services are free. Long distance toll charges will be the responsibility of the calling party.

    Question about your reservation?

    Email or call 814-863-3410.


How Are We Doing?

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