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Reservation-less Audio Conferencing Service

  • Make things easy...conduct audio conference calls on-demand, any time, any place, without a reservation!
  • Economical... $0.039 cents per minute per participant. Pay only for the minutes used. 

A 1 hour conference call with 10 participants would be about $23.40

  • Gather the Group...include up to 150 participants at once.
  • Integrate...use with your Penn State Adobe Connect Meeting Room
  • You’re codes prevent unauthorized call participation, and the Conference Host controls when the call begins and ends.

To meet growing digital needs and help reduce costs, Penn State has expanded its teleconferencing services at all University locations. The new services, available through a company known as MeetingOne, make it possible for faculty and staff to personally manage Web and phone conferencing with colleagues around the world.

Penn State's MeetingOne contract provides two types of cutting-edge conferencing capabilities:

  • AudioOne is a group of services that enables faculty and staff to instantly create phone conferences 24/7 with any number of participants for any length of time, without operator assistance.
  • WebOne provides phone-based conferencing capabilities that can be integrated with Penn State’s Adobe Connect meeting software, making it possible for users to provide high quality sound for Adobe Connect Web meeting events.

Features include the ability to visually manage events using an online interface that provides attendance statistics, sub-conferencing abilities, voting features, and many other capabilities.

Faculty and staff can set up their own individual MeetingOne accounts online at no expense, and then use the service as needed with low pay-per-use pricing. Monthly invoices are e-mailed directly to the customer from MeetingOne, allowing departments the option of paying invoices via a variety of methods.

For additional details and support, follow the links below. For questions or concerns, contact the Penn State Call Center at 814-865-4700 or


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